There has to be a start somewhere

How does a Broccoli Covered Powder Baby become a Fat Broccoli you might ask, or why even a broccoli at all? It's my good intention to explain, track and bring you on my journey to the abyss of a fat filled lifestyle and hopefully back out again. This in no means is meant to be an instructional, politically correct, rated G, or even a good read. What it will be is true, real, pain filled, and possibly a good read though I just said it might not be. That's just how this is going to go. 

So why a broccoli? Here is the short answer that will surely not impress anyone. A few years ago, and by a few I mean approx. 6 years ago, but really who can remember that far back. My best friend and I were both equally tired of a mildly sedentary lifestyle, so we decided to do something fun, that fun thing was Tough Mudder obstacle course events. They were certainly fun, we always had a good crew of friends to run, walk, crawl, and shock our way through them. At some point though they became the same, boring to a certain degree. We needed something more to challenge us not just in a physical way, we needed to be challenged mentally as well. That outlet for us was Adventure Racing. Long story short, my BFF threw out the name Broccoli Covered Powder Babies, and a team was born. Since then, it’s just what it has been. There isn’t a good back story, nothing special to the name. I think it was actually a line in a comics routine, of which right at this moment I can’t remember. Let’s be honest, I’m not going to fact check anything that goes in this BLOG. That’s just the way it is.

So now, why a fat broccoli? Let’s just fast forward a few years, let’s call it 6 years. I feel like I need to talk about the things that have changed since I was in what I called my peak shape while still in my 30’s. Just as a note, I’m still in my 30’s but maybe trying to get back to the 30’s of 6 years ago. I digress, try and keep up with me here! There was a time when the Broccolis finished 4th in the Adventure Racing National Championships. A finish that we were very proud of, as we really hadn’t been racing for that long. Even that year, I wasn’t in my peak and might have slowed my team down a bit. My pedal exploding while on a long ride, might have helped with the slow down, but this isn’t about mechanical failures; this is about physical failures and obviously a few triumphs.

Related imageDisclaimer for what is about to be written in this BLOG: I am not complaining about any part of what is about to be said, written, pictured, explained, etc. What is about to be thrown down is just my personal account as to why I am where I am and really where I want to go based on goals set by personal preference, outside influence, or just good ol’ fashioned peer pressure. Nothing that is being written is a complaint or a really good excuse, though there will be complaints and all kinds of excuses. It’s again, the way it is! Stay tuned for some questionable content that could prove entertaining or maybe not.


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