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The Evolution

How do you go from the pinnacle shape of your 30’s to the absolute worst shape of your life in just a few years and still in your 30’s!!? How is that even possible. Well, I have a few ideas on what could lead to that kind of decline.
Let me begin with a short timeline of what I am talking about here. 2014 was the start of a motivation to be a beast like no other. I was basically single, had nothing but time to train 2 hrs a day in any way that I felt like. On top of that I was adventure racing at least once a month, competing in Elite races only with my Broccoli Covered Powder Baby teammate, who was also curbing his pinnacle shape with similar motivations as I had. What a year to grow, learn, motivate and dominate in what I was doing athletically. What I was doing athletically for myself on my level. I’m not nor have I ever been close to a professional athlete, there is no denying that I have never dominated at that level, but there’s still time and I’m still young!

Let’s skip over to…

There has to be a start somewhere

How does a Broccoli Covered Powder Baby become a Fat Broccoli you might ask, or why even a broccoli at all? It's my good intention to explain, track and bring you on my journey to the abyss of a fat filled lifestyle and hopefully back out again. This in no means is meant to be an instructional, politically correct, rated G, or even a good read. What it will be is true, real, pain filled, and possibly a good read though I just said it might not be. That's just how this is going to go. 
So why a broccoli? Here is the short answer that will surely not impress anyone. A few years ago, and by a few I mean approx. 6 years ago, but really who can remember that far back. My best friend and I were both equally tired of a mildly sedentary lifestyle, so we decided to do something fun, that fun thing was Tough Mudder obstacle course events. They were certainly fun, we always had a good crew of friends to run, walk, crawl, and shock our way through them. At some point though they became th…